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R A I N B O W      B R I D G E
This page is to honor Scotties that have gone to play over the Rainbow Bridge.   The Scottie pictures on this page were provided to us by friends who have lost their Scottie and have turned to us to adopt a Shady Nook Scottie, or are on the waiting list to get one.

If you have lost your Scottie and are having a difficult time, these 2 links may help you.  

To better understand your grief, click “Understanding Your Grief”, below.

Understanding Your Grief

For help in recovering from your grief, click the “Recovering From Your Grief” link, below.

Recovering From Your Grief

MacGregor was loved immensely by Dave & Barb in Southern Illinois.   He was taken by Lymphoma….. another Scottie lost to cancer.   Dave & Barb on now on our ‘Approved List’ for a puppy.   

Rest In Peace, MacGregor.


Abigail (Pickles)

PICKLES (Abigail) crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Nov, 2018.   She lived a great life with Tammy and family.   She was named Abigail, but evidently didn’t like that name.   She would not come when called unless she was called Pickles….   So, the name stuck.   According to Tammy, Pickles is shown in the picture doing what she loved…..  Watching lizards…

WALTER is running free across the Rainbow Bridge.  He crossed over on May 10, due to the dreaded bladder cancer.  He is greatly missed by Laurie & her family. 


Per Laurie…

“We really miss him, he really was such a sweet boy who was such a snuggle bug..”

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PARKER crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan 31, 2019.   He had just celebrated his 10th birthday on Jan 7.   He was a beloved member of Deb’s family and watched TV with them all the time. He also loved 4Wheeling, long walks, snowmobiling, ocean swimming, and was a better pheasant hunter than his Pointer big ‘brother’.    

Deb stated that…

“When I went to pick up Parker’s ashes, I had to sign a release form & state who I was.  All the lines above me said ‘owner’. Mine said ‘Mother’.”  


He was definitely loved, and is definitely missed. Our condolences to Deb, Terry, and Reagan and her family.

We lost Morgan, to bladder cancer yesterday (Jan 17, 2019). He was such an amazing guy, the best buddy I ever had. Morgan had SO much personality & presence in our house. He LOVED eating. Dinner time & breakfast were his 2 favorite times of the day. There were 3, what we called, key words that would get him going; “Eat”, “Hungry”, & “Food”. Saying any one of them resulted in him dancing around in circles & barking. And when I’d go in the kitchen to make their bowls, he’d be pacing back & forth, making sure I got it done as quickly as possible.

When he came back in after going to the bathroom outside, the 1st thing he had to do was figure out where I was. He’d look & look until he found me. He wouldn’t give up, no matter how long it took. After a while I started playing hide & seek with him. When he’d find me he was SO proud! There were times I’d be out in the garage, Deb would have to open the garage door & let Morgan see me. That’s the only ways he’d stop looking!   


We're building a new house, & we really wanted to make sure Morgan got to be a part of it. So we took him over to it with us a couple of times while he was still alive. It was important to us.


I just wanted to thank you guys for letting us have him, & Mindy & Marley as well.



JOCK passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Aug 29, 2018.  Rick & his family miss Jock terribly.   Rick says “He was an awesome friend and is greatly missed”.

ANGUS crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently.   He was whelped at Shady Nook in Aug/2006.  Angus lived a great life with Susan & family in Florida. 

Fly free, Angus !!



With great sadness, Deborah has informed us that her beloved TAZ has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His life was cut short due to bladder cancer, the scourge of Scottish Terriers.  Taz was whelped at Shady Nook on Sep 13, 2010.  Taz was a beautiful boy, and lived a wonderful life with Deborah and her family.   Our hearts go out to them for their loss.

With great shock and sadness, we extend our sincerest condolences to Sheri for her loss of Monti & McGee.   Monti passed over the Bridge on June 1, 2018, at the age of 11.  McGee (age 9) followed his life-long friend on June 18, 2018…. most likely of a broken heart.   It is difficult for us to imagine the sense of loss that Sheri must feel after the loss of both of her boys in such a short time.

Montie (L); McGee (R)


Per Audrey in Florida…

“Our beloved Griffin passed away unexpectedly July 1, 2018. We miss him so very much. He leaves behind his 2 brothers. Griffin would always follow me around the house under feet all the time and he had a set bedtime hour – 10PM – to snuggle up with his pillow next to me in bed.  You can never replace them just have others to share your heart with….”

We send our condolences to Audrey & family.

With great sadness, we must announce that Garbo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.    Garbo lived with Holly in South Carolina, and loved to help in the kitchen by providing tasting services.  Unfortunately, Garbo succumbed to lung cancer in Dec/2017. 

Cancer SUCKS !!!!



With great sadness, our grand-dog, Mary Margaret (named after the book), passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Nov 27, 2017.  Mary had lived with our daughter and her family throughout her whole life, and was loved completely.   

   Run free, Mary !!!

With sadness, we were notified that VALENTINO has crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 30, 2017. He was a gorgeous brindle male stud at Shady Nook Scotties.  He retired and spent the last several years of his life in New York City with David.   When he went to NYC, he had some difficulty adjusting to the city noises after his quiet life at Shady Nook, but eventually became the wonderful boy that David loved dearly.   We send our sincerest condolences …..



We were notified that one of our beloved retired females crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June/2017.   Sassy was a wonderful, sweet girl, always with a gentle kiss and wagging tail.  She retired and went to live in Indianapolis with Charlene.  Sassy was most noted for her large litters.   She had 7 boys in  one litter, and 6 girls in another.   It is MOST unusual for a litter to be all the same sex…. And even more rare to have 2 litters in a row with all being the same sex !!   Sassy lived a great life, and will be missed !!!   RIP Sassy.

Sassy & 7 boys !!!!!

We were informed that Ruby crossed the rainbow on May 16, 2017.  Ruby retired from our breeding program several years ago and lived with Sharon near Indianapolis.  Ruby was a certified Therapy dog and did regular visits to nursing homes. She brought much joy to the people she visited. Godspeed, Ruby !!



MINNIE PEARL was a gorgeous wheaten female that crossed the bridge in 2016, while living with David & Linda in Indiana.  Pearl was one of our foundation bitches.


ALBERT EINSTEIN was one of retired stud dogs.  He produced some beautiful puppies for us.   He retired in Oct, 2008, and went to live with Justin in Pennsylvania, where he crossed the bridge in 2016.  We miss Albert !!


SAM crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Feb 5, 2016.    Sam was one of our first puppies.  He was always a handsome lad....   Godspeed to Sam, and condolences to Kelly and her family.



We’ve been informed that Mr. Silky has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Silky was a fine Scottie gentleman, who was a prodigious sire… He has MANY puppies, and their families, throughout the USA, who are mourning his passing.  Silky lived at Shady Nook for many years, prior to retiring to live the ‘good life’ at Dogtown with Pauline & Barbara in Kentucky. 

This is a sad day at Dogtown, and at Shady Nook.

TRUMAN and Duff

TRUMAN (on the left) passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Mar 18, 2011.   Here, he is shown with DUFF, a Shady Nook Scottie that joined the Grace family in Mississippi.
With great sadness, we must report that DUFF has joined Truman at the Rainbow Bridge.  Duff was taken way too young by Immune-Mediated Anemia. 

Our hearts break for the Grace family.



Our friend Sadie passed away peacefully on Aug 13, 2014, with her best friend Gabriel in their California home. She was 9 years old and had a wonderful life. We will miss her and are grateful for all of the joy she brought us all....
Our thoughts and prayers to Gabriel and his family, Anstamm Kennels (Sadie's breeder), and all of those whose lives were touched by Sadie.
Mary O'Neal posted this earlier today (8/16/2014)..."I talked to Gabriel and he got the report from the vet. Sadie died from a blood clot. She had pyometra and surgery before Gabriel left for the world show in Finland.

She played with him and kids once he got back and died later that day.

Cancer was checked for but they did not find any sign of it."

Sadie was the Best in Show at Westminster in 2010, and is our Natasha's great-aunt... 


REDGY crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 1, 2011, one day after receiving his annual rabies shot and booster.   He evidently had a severe reaction to the vaccination.  Redgy was only 18mos old.   He had lived with the Rosen family in Texas.    Not a week went by that we didn't talk about Redgy. He had his daddy's (Red's) coloring, and looked exactly like his momma (Sassy). 
We are deeply saddened by Redgy's passing......

GRYFF's picture was sent to us by the McLoughlin family in New York.  They lost Gryff to bone cancer in 2009.   The McLoughlins got a puppy from Muirne's June 9, 2011, litter....
Cancer takes too many Scotties !



MACKIE crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Aug, 2013 after losing his battle with cancer.  He is greatly missed  by Marta and her family in New Jersey.  Marta now has her Shady Nook Scottie puppy from the Sep/2013 litter out of Maddee x Krus.


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