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Contact us at : or 812-858-3977.


... used with permission of Cherry O'Neill

Browse this page to find out useful information about Shady Nook Scotties and things you should know BEFORE you buy a Scottie from ANYONE !!

We are proud to breed ONLY Scottish Terriers.     We always adhere to safe breeding practices.   We plan each breeding with input from our Vet.
ALL of our adults (sires and dams)have been tested for vWD by VetGen and are CLEAR.  You will receive proof of testing results upon delivery of your puppy.
A Beautiful, Happy, Healthy Scottie puppy is no accident !!
We are proud to announce that, in October of 2007, we were accepted into the AKC Gazette !!   This magazine publishes quarterly and provides helpful information to breeders and pet-owners.  Check us out !!
Shady Nook Scotties has been  inspected several times by an AKC field representative.  We are proud to say that we have always passed our AKC inspection with flying colors !!!

Our Breeding Program

We do extensive research into the background of each male & female to determine if they will be a good pair to breed. We plan each breeding, but you can't determine what a pair will produce on their first breeding.  If a pair produces excellent puppies, we will breed them again at a later date.  If their puppies don't meet our expectations, we will not breed that pair again. We birth all of our puppies in our house, and attend every whelping.  We are there to help the mother if need be, and we weigh and mark each puppy with different color of  finger nail polish as it's born.   We also weigh them each night for the first 2 weeks and chart their weight to insure that they are all getting enough to eat.  The puppies stay in our house until they go to their new home.   We handle and socialize our puppies constantly, and expose them to kids of all ages.  By the time you get a puppy from us, it has been loved and cared-for like no other.     
Every breeder would love to produce show-quality puppies every time.  All puppies are cute, but it is next-to-impossible to determine the conformation of a Scottie when he/she is 8 weeks old.  Our goal is to produce the healthiest, best quality puppies available.   We have lots of satisfied clients(see the "Check Out Our Feedback" page).   Once our females are retired from breeding, we have them spayed and they live a life of leisure in our home, or they go to our close friends. 

What you get from us
Our pups will have dew claws removed,  will have been wormed three times, will  have at least one puppy shot, and will be  checked 3 times by our vet.   We completely trust our vet's judgement,  and we work one-on-one with him when  making decisions about breeding,  medications, and health issues by using his knowledge and input.  We spare NO expense when it comes to our Scotties' health and care. When we deliver your puppy, you will receive a puppy packet that includes a dog toy, a nutrition supplement sample and brochure, a starter supply of food,  and proof of your puppy's vWD status.. (for more information about vWD, see our "Health Considerations" page). 
Do NOT buy a puppy that is not AKC registered !!  Unlike other registries, AKC has the resources to maintain registrations to insure that your puppy is pure-bred.   AKC has the means to provide extensive history of registered breeds - other registries do not.  This insures that the Scottish Terrier you get from us is really a Scottish Terrier throughout his/her entire family tree.

Buying over the Internet...
It can be scary to buy anything over the Internet, let alone a puppy.   We hope that the information we provide you will help you feel safe in your purchase of a puppy, no matter which breeder you pick.   Ask LOTS of questions and make sure that you feel comfortable with the breeder.    
The only bad question is one you don't ask. 


How many Scotties are in this picture ???

Prior to becoming a dog breeder, Sindee was a successful artist.   She has added some 'Scottie flavor' to the wallpaper border...   There are 3 Scotties in each of the pictures... Can you find them all ??

How many Scotties in this picture ???

....used with permission of Suzanne Renaud

I have been a fan of Suzanne's artwork for several years. I have several of her prints and use her Christmas cards every year.  To find out more about Suzanne,

click HERE.


Sindee & Toto

Welcome to Shady Nook Scotties.    We feel lucky to have such a beautiful place to share with our kids, grandkids, and especially our Scotties.

A quality Scottish Terrier can be very hard to find.   And finding a reputable breeder who knows the AKC standard, associated health issues, and who does genetic testing is even more difficult. We searched for 9 months before we found Nessie, the original Shady Nook Scottie...... We had all the plaid bowls, plaid beds, plaid collar and plaid leash, but no puppy !!  When we found Nessie, we also made some great new friends in Diane & Jerry.  We have made lots of other new friends through our Scotties, and hope to make many more in the future.   Since Nessie came to us, we have fallen in love with Scotties again, and we have learned some things that may be of help to you in your search for that perfect, happy, healthy Scottie.......

Puppy Mills...
Before we bought our first Scottie, we had to weed through all the puppy mills, and we found out there are lots of people who should NOT be breeding Scotties or ANYTHING else, for that matter.    Ask a lot of questions when talking to someone selling puppies.  How many breeds do they sell ??  Do they do any health testing ??   What kind of testing do they do ??  Do they provide a written health  guarantee ??   Answers to these questions may give you a red flag.   Be VERY careful of mills - they are everywhere, and there are several in the area around us.
Our pups come with AKC champion lineage.  We sell our pups under a Spay/Neuter contract, which means NO BREEDING !!!   We hold the AKC puppy registration papers until we receive written notification from your vet that the appropriate procedure has been done.    Depending upon the situation, we may consider providing open registration.   There is an additional charge for open papers.  

Health and Genetics...
We test all of our Scotties for von Willenbrand's disease (vWD), thru Vet-gen, prior to breeding, to insure that no puppy will leave us affected by this devastating disease. All of our breeding stock has been tested for vWD - no vWD affected puppies will be produced here ! 



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"I love all dogs, but I only sleep with Scotties...."
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