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Contact us at : or 812-858-3977.


We live in beautiful Southern Indiana.


Our location is an easy drive to Evansville, IN, Indianapolis (3 hours),  Louisville, KY (90 minutes), Cincinnati, OH (3 hours), Nashville, TN (3 hours), St. Louis, MO (4 hours), and Chicago (7 hours). 



When you come here to pick up your pup, we can provide information about lodging, entertainment, sight-seeing, etc. while you are in our area.

Please sign our Guestbook.  We LOVE getting comments about our puppies, website, and Scotties in general.  

HOWEVER...... if you are interested in more information about our Scottie puppies, please give us a call.....

 We will be more than happy to answer your questions, but we do REQUIRE a phone call to answer questions about availablility, upcoming breedings, and price.  We will not respond to emails on these subjects.



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"I love all dogs, but I only sleep with Scotties...."
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