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Proper food and nutrition are vitally important to your puppy’s health and go a long way  toward preventing many diseases. Always feed a high quality food !!!  Back in Jan. 2007, we lost an entire litter of puppies, and didn't know why. Our vet was stumped and  we couldn't figure out what went wrong.  We had to call each of the families that had purchased those puppies and tell them that their puppy had died.   Then, in March, 2007, it was announced that dogs were dying due to the China dog food poisoning (melamine in the food).   That's when we found out that most dog foods are made outside the USA.  We did lots of research into dog food and supplements.  We recommend a high-quality food which is made in the USA.  Yes, high quality foods usually do cost a little more, but you most likely spent quite a bit of money on your puppy. (Even if you didn't, don’t you think he deserves the best?)  Good nutrition will help to keep him healthy .  Actually, you’re saving money on vet bills by paying more for better quality food. Good nutrition also includes feeding the proper amount – not too much and not too little. During your pup’s first months, he may eat everything you put in front of him, but make sure he doesn’t get too fat.  Extra weight puts a lot of stress on growing bones and joints, but too little weight is also a problem. Talk with your vet or breeder about the correct amount  to feed to maintain optimal health. 

DEXTER lives in South Carolina with the York family.  He has decided that the food that Harvey (the Doberman) eats is better than his....


Shady Nook Scotties LOVE meal-time !!!
McDuff lives with Karen and Bob in Wisconsin....

When deciding on which dog food to buy, READ THE LABELS !!  The best foods contain NO corn, wheat, or gluten, but the first three ingredients in the dog food you choose should NEVER be corn, wheat, or gluten.  Look for beef, chicken, lamb, or fish as the first ingredient.
Want to see a comparison of dog foods... ??    Click this link.......


Before you decide on a food for your dog, make sure it is readily available.  The best food in the world is no good to you if you can't find it.   Also, buy a small bag and try it... If your dog doesn't like it, how good the food is does not matter.

... used with permission of Cherry O'Neill

artwork used with permission of Suzanne Renaud

HUMPHREY recently went to a dog-park social event....  While there he made a new buddy.....  Though Humphrey is quite a bit smaller than his new friend, he was in no way intimidated by the difference in size.   Humphrey lives in St. Louis with Jane and family...  Shady Nook Scotties are treated like royalty...notice the fancy, silver water dish for Humphrey... Humphrey is out of Charlotte x Red.

Humphrey and friend

Why is NuVet Plus the best pet supplement available ??? 
No dog food can provide all of the nutritional needs of your pet.  In order to completely meet your dog's nutritional needs, we also recommend a GOOD nutritional supplement.    The ONLY supplement we have found that works and gives excellent results is NuVet Plus.   We have found that our Scotties' coats stayed darker, and mothers did not drop their coats after birthing (due to hormones), when using NuVet Plus.   It is an excellent immune system builder, and helps to combat tumors, arthritis, allergies, itching, and more !! NuVet is scientifically formulated to provide everything your pet needs for perfect health.   It is safe for animals of all ages, including pregnant females.  This product is NEVER heat-processed, since heat destroys essential nutrients and reduces effectiveness of all-natural ingredients.


Allergies, skin and coat problems, arthritis, tumors, cancer, cataracts, strokes and heart disease are just a few of the 50 major diseases caused by free radicals.  Unfortunately, these diseases lead to suffering and premature death in our pets.  The Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists and Nutritional Scientists of NuVet Labs have blended a precise combination of human grade natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, anitoxidants, bioflavinoids, fatty acids and amino acids proven to combat the ravages of free radicals and to provide immune system support. 


AND.... they provide 100% satisfaction guarantee !!


NuVet   Plus supplements....
We start all of our puppies on NuVet Plus as soon as they are weaned.  All of our adults are on them, too.  Whether you have a Scottie or not, please check out to find out about this wonderful product.   These supplements are sold only in association with a breeder and are made with human-grade ingredients, and to the highest standards.  You can order by calling their toll-free number - (800) 474-7044 and giving them our breeder number (82438), or by using the web address, above, with our breeder number.   

We use and recommend NuVet supplements.    They contain human-grade, water soluble ingredients and build your dog's immune system .....  We have seen amazing results !!
We are breeding to get the healthiest dogs possible with the best temperament and, in order to do this, we are providing our dogs the best food and supplements that we can find.  We HIGHLY recommend NuVet Plus - they are made from human-grade ingredients and address many health issues in your pet.  NuVet backs their products with a money-back guarantee... AND "NuVet Labs™ proudly pledges to donate 5% of its net income to charities, scientists, veterinarians and other individuals and organizations whose goal is to work for the improvement and well being of the animal population."


We use and recommend NuVet Plus supplements.
Helps with scratching, itching, hot spots and allergies

To order NuVet Plus, click HERE

*************************************************************** Please note...  
You do not have to own a Shady Nook Scottie to purchase these supplements.   They are good for all breeds of dogs.....  and they have a formula for our feline friends, too.....


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We use and recommend NuVet supplements.
Scientifically formulated to provide everything your pet needs for perfect health

To order NuVet Plus, click HERE




You don't have to have a Shady Nook Scottie to purchase 

NuVet supplements.   They are good for all breeds of dogs.

     ….and they have a formula for our feline friends, too..


"I love all dogs, but I only sleep with Scotties...."
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