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Check out our Feedback !! Love Our Scottie From Shady Nook

My wife Marsha found Shady Nook on the Web and from the moment we saw Fletcher, we fell in love with this adorable Scottie puppy. We live in Atlanta, and I can't tell you how easy and wonderful it was to do business with Sindee and Dale Hart. They obviously know what they do, and they do it exceedingly well. We have now had Fletcher two or so weeks, and he is everything we have wanted in a new Scottie. He is our third Scottie, and if anyone is looking for a trustworthy breeder to do business with, I without reservation recommend Shady Nook. Monte Masten

Reviewer: Monte, December 31, 2009

_________________________________ Shady Nook is awesome

Buying a puppy from Shady Nook Scottie Farm was an amazing experience. Sindee and Dale are so nice. It was wonderful to have pictures and updates each week from the time we put a depoist on our puppy to know how she is growing. Buying over the internet can be a scary experience but working with Sindee and Dale has been a very plesant one.

Reviewer: Kathryn, December 8, 2009 Special Scottie

I just want to tell anyone who is interested in purchasing a scottie that Shady Nook Scotties is by far the best breeder there is. Sindee and Dale love their Scotties and it shows. We just picked up our sweetie Wheatie a few days ago and she is absoloutley adorable. Sindee and Dale are very proud of their dogs and it was great to see the adult scotties as well as the pups. They went out of their way to help us to adopt a scottie. I left their farm feeling that I would most certainly be in touch with them again. Choosing a puppy is one of the most important things in the world to a animal lovers like my wife and me. If you are considering adopting a scottie your first stop should be Shady Nook Scottie Farm.

Reviewer: Rick, October 20, 2009
 Shady Nook Scottie Farm PERFECT Breeder

I had bought a Scottie from another reputable breeder who turned out to be so so. I contacted Sindee and immediately felt like she was my best friend and she really cared about you. Dale and Sindee have been so caring and honest and quick to respond every time I called them regarding their absoutely beautiful Scotties. My little Walter is the perfect example of what a Scottie shoud be. He is so sweet and loving healthy and happy. Our Vet and her whole staff just fell in love with Walter and wanted to take him home with them. Please call or email me for a reference on my incredible experience I had with Shady Nook Scottie Farm. Please don't look any further you have found the perfect Scottie Breeder in Sindee and Dale. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED... I had Walter shipped to California and Dale was so informative on what to take to the airport and wanted me to call the minute I received Walter no matter what time it was. Laurie

Reviewer: laurie, October 19, 2009

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally have found the PERFECT Scottie Breeder!!

We purchased a wheaten scottie from Sindee and Dale a week ago for our daughter, after an awful experience. We purchased one from Oklahoma, on line, and after 5 days, it died because it was so sick....pneumonia, worms, ticks and kennel cough. Total disaster!!! Never again will we purchase one without a guarantee. Sindee guarantees her scotties for a year and I know why!! Our little scottie is in tip top condition, full of energy, healthy and happy. No worries at all! She truly cares about her scotties and she doesn't breed them over and over. She gives them a year break, which I am really impressed with. Shady Nook Scottie Farm was a god send to us!!

Reviewer: kathy, October 17, 2009 Excellent Experience

1000 characters is simply not enough to share how I feel about Sindee, Dale and Shady Nook. I searched for more than a year to find the right breeder. I went to IN from Charleston, SC to get my girl, Garbo. Sindee is so caring, committed and organized. She really loves her own scotties, her girls live in her home and she gives them the special care that is essential for delivery of healthy puppies. The puppies are touched, held & loved in the weeks between weaning and going to their new homes. When you first contact Sindee and she tells you she is in this whole experience with you, she means it. She is warm, genuine, and so committed to the breed. Every puppy I saw when I went to pick Garbo up was beautiful. Garbo's mom and dad were also beautiful. I could not be happier with my darling puppy.

Reviewer: holly, September 21, 2009 "5 Star" Experience

What a pleasure to deal with such a professional, experienced and knowledgeable breeder. Dealing with Sindee and Dale the owners of Shady Nook Kennels was such a pleasure. We found their website very user friendly with such great pictures of the dogs, bio's on each and current pictures of available puppies. They keep their website so current that we were surprised to see our new puppies picture on it with a tag line that she was coming home with us within a day of our purchase. You can put yourself at ease, no puppymill here- Sindee and Dale adore each and everyone of their scotties and their kennel reflects that. Buyers feel free to contact me if you have any questions, we can't say enough. This kennel is one of the best we have seen in the Tri-State area. Our new puppy is everything that Shady Nook said she would be and lots more beyond. Thanks Sindee and Dale, we love our new Scotty.

Reviewer: Toni, September 17, 2009

I would like to highly recommend Sindee and Dale Hart. I did quite a bit of research until I found Shady Nook Scottie Farm. I grew up in a family who has always loved their dogs. In the past 8-10 years, various family members have been broken hearted over dogs they have gotten from breeders who were not as forthright as they should or could have been about unhealthy parents/pups. I do know there are no guarantees, but after seeing these things happen I wanted to be sure to find a breeder who was sincerely interested in providing happy/healthy puppies to their clients. Shady Nook also wants to make sure their puppies are going to good homes. It is definitely a 2 way process. I found Sindee and Dale to be honest, caring and open people. By the way, my new Shady Nook Scottie, MacKenzie has just finished growling, then pouncing on the strap of my briefcase. She is 11 weeks old...sassy, very happy and friendly and in to everything. She is perfect.

Reviewer: Lee, September 16, 2009 Larkin, is the most precious pup!!!

I, my family, and my vet could not be more pleased with our little Larkin bought from Shady Nook. I had never purchased a pup over the internet, but when I decided that we needed a new Scottie to love, I began researching the internet to try to find a reputable breeder that I could trust had the breed's best interests at heart. I talked to several breeders, but after talking to Syndee, she was the one that I felt the most comfortable. I got the impression that I was being checked out by her as much as I was checking her out in our conversation. She e-mailed 4-5 pictures every week of my darling pup-it was very similar to my pregnancy when I got ultrasound pictures. I was impressed with the setup that Syndee had, and got to meet my dog's birth parents, who were most friendly. I cannot say enough good things about Shady Nook and would not hesitate to "adopt" another member of my family from her. Thank you so much Shady Nook!

Reviewer: CAROL, August 22, 2009 My precious new scotties

I am so fortunate to have found such an excellent scottie breeder. I just purchased two little adorable scottie. They are brother and sister. Little Addi is the most vocal of the 2 right now. Andy id going to be the cuddler, he loves to be held. They both have really livened up my household in the past few days. They are getting along very well with my 3 year old scottie. He is acting as their protector , he even jumped out of bed the first night the puppies came home when he heard Addi make a noise and went to check on her. These two are so wonderful together I am certainly glad I decided to get them both.

Reviewer: RITA, August 18, 2009
 Truly a class act breeder

I purchased a scottie from shady nook in the summer of 09. I wanted to get a scottie from a breeder who covered all aspects of breeding healthy champion scotties. The time and care they put into each individual pup is remarkable. Our pup will not be in competitions, although it was very important to get a scottie with proven genes. Little Gino is a perfect example of how scotties should look and act. Thanks again for covering all angles and being TRULY A CLASS ACT BREEDER......

Reviewer:  Justin, August 7, 2009
 Terrific, gracious, friendly, caring . . .

There are so many words we could use to share our experience. The Harts have a wealth of knowledge about Scotties and take every step to provide top-of-the-line pups. We live in a rural area and there aren't any Scotty pups. So we turned to the Internet. We were impressed after reading Shady Nooks web site yet nervous about buying a puppy over the Internet. Finally decided to contact them. Sindee was informative and easy to talk to. That persuaded us to purchase from them. When the day came, to pick up our puppy, I was still a bit nervous. Were the Harts really as good as they seemed from the Internet and would the puppy take to us. The simple answer is YES! Everything on their web site is true! We were shown our puppy’s parents, their documentation, given our puppy’s shot-record, everything handled professionally and honestly. The Harts of the Shady Nook Scotty Farm are spectacular people, spectacular breeders, and their Scotties create spectacular puppies. Dugan Delaney is proof!

Reviewer:  Suzanne, August 5, 2009 A Wonderful Place to buy a Scottie Puppy!

I want to start off by saying that I am very skeptical about purchasing anything online let alone a puppy. When I talked to Sindee I knew right away that I wanted a puppy from her. She was so sincere and I could just tell that I could trust her. The process of buying a puppy from Shady Nook Scottie Farm is wonderful. Once you purchase a puppy you are sent pictures and an update every weekend. I loved this because we could see how our puppy was progressing. When we went to pick up our puppy she was all cleaned up and ready go to her new home. I was very impressed with how clean the puppy nursery was! I could tell that all of the puppies and their parents are very well taken care of. We are so impressed with our new puppy! She is very loving and as healthy as can be! I would definitely recommend Shady Nook Scottie Farm to anyone who is looking to add a new Scottie to their family!

Reviewer:  Nicole, July 25, 2009 
Wisconsin loves Shady Nook Farm!!

We picked up Gus on March 14th and he has captivated us entirely! Gus has brought a new life and love into this house. Sindee and Dale have been one of the best finds we have had. The information and contactability are very helpful to us. This is our first Scottie and in Gus we have found the breed we love! Shady Nook Farm has been a positive and supportive experience that we tell others about at every opportunity. From the excellent website to the consistent updates on our puppy, we think Shady Nook Farm exceeded all our high expectations of a breeder. They certainly have set a high standard for others to reach. We are very happy with our Gus and look forward to many happy years with him.(And possibly more!) Amy and Rick Lohrke

Reviewer: Amy, April 12, 2009 Perfect Puppies - Wonderful Breeders!!

I've had my puppy, Rose, for a week & I couldn't be happier! Rose is my fifth Scottie, so I understand the Breed & she is everything a little Scottie should be - intelligent, curious, affectionate, fearless and very healthy! I recommend Shady Nook, without reservation, to anyone who is wanting a Scottie puppy. They breed for beautiful looks, certainly, (stunning Wheaton or rich Black coats) but it is also immediately apparent when you meet your puppy that they breed for health & temperament as well. You can tell in just one conversation how much Sindee & Dale love their dogs & what great care they take with their breeding program & with each parent and puppy. Sindee is always available to answer your questions & Dale has some thoughtful ideas for what to bring with you when you pick-up your puppy. Your life will be enriched by a puppy from Shady Nook & from getting to know these wonderful people who are very knowledgeable Scottie Breeders!!

Reviewer:  Terry, March 22, 2009
 Shady Nook is wonderful!

I just bought a 8 week old Scottie puppy from Sindee at Shady Nook Scottie Farm. She was so wonderful through out the process, and now that I have had my Scottie home for a week she is still available to answer my questions. Sindee is very thorough, her Scottie's are very well taken care of and she wants to make sure her puppies go to equally loving homes. My Scottie is perfect! Everyone comments on what a beautiful puppy he is and how healthy and silky his coat looks. I am so glad I found Shady Nook, if we ever get a "friend" for our Scottie I will get him from Shady Nook and I would recommend this breeder to anyone!

Reviewer: Kaitlyn, March 16, 2009
 Happy in Minnesota

It has been a week since we picked up our Parker at Shady Nook Scottie Farm. After losing our Stanley 2 yrs ago, our home felt empty without a Scottie to love. So, being health professionals & every bit as particular as Sindee, we checked out all the websites. After talking with Sindee & receiving her very informative e-mails, we decided we would only get a Scottie from this wonderful breeder. We made the 10 hr drive leaving MN’s frigid 32 degree weather & ending up in glorious 74 degrees at Boonville,IN. It was love at first sight seeing our healthy, little boy. His eyes are bright, his coat is shiny & thick & he is so full of life. He is a loveable little guy. We took him to the Vet & he checked out perfectly. He was also the hit of the waiting room. In MN here, you don’t see too many Scotties…so he is extra special. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Sindee & Dale (P.S. They are both wonderful people!) Debbie & Terry Sanders Byron, MN March 15, 2009

Reviewer:  Debbie, March 16, 2009
 "A Gift Of Hope!"

Sindee and Dale Hart helped to bring "Life" back into my home. I had to put my Scottie Girl "BELLA" of 13.5 years down in August of 2008. I called Sindee in late September wanting another Scottie (NOW After many e-mails and telephone calls she helped me to realize that I was NOT ready. I realized right then and there that THIS is the breeder that I wanted to work with to get my next Scottie.We stayed in close contact and I am a very proud owner of a 9 week old Scottie Girl named: "Izza-Bella" and I call her "IZZY! Sindee and Dale sent photos weekly with updates on my puppy. Meeting them the day I picked up IZZY felt like I was visiting "Long-Time Friends." They both made this experience very positive. Their compassion and loyalty to their Scotties is genuine! Thanks to Sindee, Dale, Lochen, and Silky I have a beautiful "Furry Girl" that blesses each day of my life abundantly! Thank You Shady Nook For Your Honesty and Upstanding Reputation! Sincerely, Janet & Izzy in Lansing, IL

Reviewer: Janet, March 15, 2009

I met Sindee by email,3 yrs ago, then phoned. finally this past summer I drove to her house with my bestfriend Jodi. Sindee was getting the pick of my litter girl, Charlotte and I was picking up her Bailey and Jodi picked up Houdini! We all finally met after 3 years of emailing and talking hours on end. Sindee is so helpful, great person to talk to, ease of transition, calls back, a Small but Great breeder, knowledgeable, conscientious, DNA genetic tested.(Not many do) Excellent bloodlines, excellent quality dogs and puppies. You can't go wrong with Sindees Scotties. Read her reviews. Paula/Vintage Acres Farm-WI

Reviewer: Paula, January 18, 2009   



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