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Check out our Feedback !! Best Scotties Ever A+++++

First time shopper online and my experience with Sindee was great. I live in Orlando, Fl and the puppy arrived perfectly. I love my new puppy. He is healthy, full of energy and very very smart. I recommend every one to buy with confidence from Sindee. The Scotties are pure breed. Thank you, Sindee for our new family member. He is bringing happiness to our home

Reviewer: enid, November 29, 2006 
Very Happy with our puppy, Jack!

I called and spoke with many ppl about scottie pups. Sindee was the only one who took the time to talk with me about everything from beauty to genetics. She also had the paperwork to back up her statements of Jack's parents being tested for VWD. I am thankful for that. I took my baby to the vet today..I got him yesterday, and got an excellent bill of health. He did have ear mites, but the vet assured me that puppies can be born with mites, so not to worry. He was tested for worms, which he was free of, and I was told Scottie Cramp won't show yet, so we'll see. But, he is the most fun, energetic, beautiful, black, and paper trained pup I have had the pleasure of being a mom to in over 9 years. SO, thank you Sindee and Dale for a great buying experience! I would highly recommend you to anyone/everyone for a scotty pup. (not to mention the puppy pack they give and his up to date shots and worming). Again...thank you so much. Tina Bailey

Reviewer: Tina, November 17, 2006 
What a Wonderful Experience!

I would recommend anyone to buy a puppy from Shady Nook Scotties. Dale and Sindee are wonderful people who really care about their baby scotties. At first, I was afraid of purchasing my puppy online. My family has had scotties since 1989 and we have never purchased a puppy online until now. It was simply the best experience. Dale and Sindee sent us pictures every week. They answered all the questions and were always helpful every step of the way. Our baby, Sally, is beautiful, healthy and energetic. She has been that way ever since she stepped off of the plane. I could tell that she had been loved and played with the first couple months of her life. She (Sally) wants everyone to know that she was in good hands at Shady Nook Scotties. Please do not be nervous about getting your puppy from Dale and Sindee. You will not regret it. Feel free to email us if you have any questions. Happy puppy finding! Janelle Peele

Reviewer: Janelle, October 29, 2006 
Quality Scottie Breeder

I bought "Oreo", a beautiful black male Scottie, from SHADY NOOK. After interviewing Mrs. Hart, her passion for this breed was apparent. The experience was great. The puppy arrived by plane in great health (as per my Vet). While in the waiting period, Mrs. Hart kept us informed about the puppy's condition by emailing weekly pictures, weight progress, and details of our interest. She was constantly available to discuss questions/matters. Before arrival, she sent us a package containing quality food/vitamin samples, toys, collar, health care reference, and other miscellaneous. She subsequently surprised us by sending a towel with the scent of Oreo's mother "to make his adaptation smoother." Her excellent dedication, breeding, and customer service exceeded my expectations. Oreo is now registered with the AKC which speaks of the quality of the puppy. If you are searching for a Scottie over the Internet, I highly recommend this breeder. C. Rodriguez Tampa

Reviewer: Carlos, October 25, 2006 

After losing our beloved Scottie,I knew we needed to fulfill our lives once again with Scottie love.Our first scottie was purchased at a pet store, so I knew I didn't want to go that route again.I was very apprehensive to do business over the internet, so I proceeded with caution. Sindee and Dale of Shady Nook immediately put to rest all of my fears. They are wonderful, loving, honest, professional people. The whole procedure of flying a puppy from Indiana to New York was truly effortless. Everything Sindee and Dale promised was delivered in a very timely fashion and they kept in constant communication with me. That is very important to the first-time buyer! I would not hesitate to recommend to any of you Scottie lovers out there to do business with Shady Nook. I am forever grateful to Sindee and Dale for selling us a healthy, beautiful puppy!Shady Nook is FIRST RATE!

Reviewer: alyson, October 25, 2006
 Would I recommend Shady Nook? Aye!

I was so impressed with the way Sindee breeds her dogs and the obvious love that she has for the breed. She breeds Scotties exclusively. All of her dogs are like part of her family and are raised in her home rather than a kennel. I think that this illustrates that breeding Scotties is not merely a business to her, but a passion as well. I also think that it makes for a well adjusted dog that feels "at home" in your home. Her concern is not only breeding pet-quality Scotties, but also being sure to place them Scottie-quality homes. She understands the breed and I feel certain that she would not sell one of her dogs if she felt that the buyer would provide a questionable home. She has a deep concern for the health and welfare of these dogs and the results of her concern are healthy, happy puppies. Not only would I recommend Sindee, I would encourage anyone who interested in adding a Scottie to their family to make no decision until they have talked with Shady Nook Scotties.

Reviewer: Sherree, October 12, 2006 Awesome Scottie and Breeder

I highly recommend Sindee as a Scottie breeder! She is knowledgeable, caring, loving, and most of all a good and honest person. We feel so fortunate to have found Sindee who breeds only Scotties and is committed to the breed. We were so impressed with the entire litter and how she cares for her "babies". Sindee spent time with us introducing all her dogs and especially our puppies parents. She goes the extra mile with up to date shots, vet visits, VWD checks, and AKC information. Sindee cares about where her puppies go....they are her family! The whole process from first contact to picking up our "owner" went extremely well. Sindee is great to work with and sent pictures of our little boy often. You will not regret purchasing your loveable puppy from Sindee! Awesome all the way!!! Awesome breeder! Our Gus is so smart and the cutest Scottie ever. He is certainly a perfect addition to our family. Thanks Sindee!!

Reviewer: Stella, August 22, 2006  


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