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Housebreaking Tips for your puppy!

90% of housebreaking is human effort!!!

> Put your puppy on a feeding schedule. Puppies should be fed twice a day. Give your puppy all he wants to eat in 15 minutes. Make feeding times easy for you and the same time every day. Do not feed the last meal after 6:00 PM. Leave water down all day and pick 2 hours before the puppy’s bedtime. If he gets thirsty from playing, put a couple of ice cubes in his dish. It should be enough to quench his thirst, but hopefully not enough to make him wet the bed.

> First thing in the morning, take him out of the crate and take him outside. Try to place his crate as close to the door as is possible. Do not play with your puppy when you are doing potty time as he would rather play with you than do what he is supposed to do. Just stand quietly and wait. If he seems reluctant to move around, walk up and down with him. Sometimes movement stimulates the muscles and gives them the urge to go. Praise and treat immediately!!!

> Bring him back in for breakfast. About 10 to 15 minutes after eating, bring him back outside and repeat above. Now you should be safe for an hour or two depending on the age and breed of your puppy. Be sure to provide your puppy with plenty of chew articles and toys. They are much cheaper than furniture.

> Take your puppy to the same place every time you go out for potty. He will soon learn what this area is for. Take him out as often as possible every couple of hours if you can and remember to PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE when he does something.

> If you come into the room and find a piddle or pile, quietly pick it up with a paper towel and put it on the spot outside where you want him to go. This will put his scent in this area and encourage him to go there when you take him out. DO NOT SCOLD, he will not know what you are angry about, he will simply be reacting to your body posture and tone of voice, NOT that 20 minutes ago he had an accident in the house. If you catch him in the act, clap your hands, say no and immediately take him to his spot outside and wait for him to do even a little bit, so that you can praise him. He will soon understand that he gets praise when he eliminates in this area.

> MOST dogs will not ask to go out, it is a learned response. Some will eventually go to the door and look at it or you. It is your responsibility to WATCH what they are doing. If you ignore it, they will just go do it anywhere and blame you for not responding to their needs. “I asked, you didn’t watch and I GOTTA GO NOW!!!!”

> Try using a word when going outside to do potty. “Out”, “Potty”, “Hurry Up”, or whatever works for you. They will eventually associate this word with doing potty time.

> Try not to feed after 6:00 PM. Hopefully your puppy will need to eliminate before bedtime if you do. You would not send your child to bed right after a meal or give them a full glass of water at bedtime and expect them not to have an accident. Don’t expect this of your puppy, either.

> Last thing before bedtime, bring him out to go potty, put him into his crate, give him a biscuit, or a toy or chew treat, say goodnight and leave. If he fusses and you know he has already gone potty, ignore him. If he is quiet for a couple of hours and then fusses, he probably has to go again. Take him out quietly, wait, praise and right back into the crate and go to bed.

> Sometimes, puppies get confused. They go outside, do nothing, come in and immediately leave a present for you. If this happens to your puppy, put him on a leash, go to the potty area and give him a few minutes. If he does nothing, come back into the house, leave his leash on and don’t let go. Walk around the house and right back out to the potty area. Repeat, even if it takes ten times, until he does something you can praise him for. He will soon learn that this makes you happy for some reason. Please do this exercise when you KNOW he should have to go, or you may be walking in and out for an hour.

Some puppies can be trained in two weeks, some take two months. It mostly depends on what kind of owner they have and how adept you are at reading the puppy’s body language.

REMEMBER, consistency is the key to success. IT CAN NOT BE OKAY TODAY AND WRONG TOMORROW. This holds true for housebreaking, good manners and any kind of training.



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